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Indore Maheshwar Taxi Service

Here we have discussed about our tourist taxi service from Indore to Maheshwar city which lies in Khargone district of Madhya Pradesh state. Distance from Indore to Maheshwar is 95kms (one-side) and it lies in south-west of Indore city and frequently visited by tourists. It is a historical township mainly developed during rule of Holkar dynasty. It was one time power center of Holkar dynasty which is evident for massive structure of Maheshwar fort, erected on the northen bank of holy Narmada river. It acted as the capital of Malwa region during holkar rule, till year 1818. In first view, Maheshwar seems to be a replica of Varanasi city with similar kind of temples, ghats, plains but it is not crowded like Varanasi. Maheshwar is counted among best scenic heritage tourism destinations of Madhya Pradesh. It is very photogenic also for tourists having interest in photography. Surface connectivity from Indore to Maheshwar is very fine and can be traveled at any time in any season. Here we have described our car rental service from Indore to Maheshwar in which we have explained about our taxi service, various booking options, cabs variety, safe service, booking procedure. These are the important points that usually comes in the mind of normal customers. Please go through below given information and let us know to what extent we succeed in satisfying your query and requirement. You can send your queries through below given booking form.

Taxi Service
We are operating regular tourist taxi service from Indore to Maheshwar or vice versa. Being a popular heritage and pilgrimage destinations, their is lot of tourists movement in this travel route. We are providing car rental service as per budget and convenience of customer. Air-conditioned tourist cabs are available in different variety i.e small budget cabs, medium size cab, large cars, large luxury cars. For group tours, we arrange mini-bus and large tourist coaches also. As per demand of tour plan, guests have option to book a cab in different modes like one-way tour, round-trip tour or taxi for complete tour package covering many destinations for many days. We also offer car rental service for set of transfers in which guest can book cabs for different dates at different locations and enjoy the flexibility to use train/flight transfers in between tour. Travel route from Indore to Maheshwar is good and safe. Our taxi service in available in many other tourist destinations also so guest reaching Maheshwar, have the option to use our cab service for further connecting destinations, described below.

Safe Car Rental
We ensure safe car rental service to all our customers. It is our rigorous attempt to ensure all our customers that they are using the service of best travel company. We are government registered firm having membership of IATO and BNHS which are symbol of trust and reliability. This membership is awarded to thoroughly verified travel companies. We maintain transparency in our costing process so that guest will remain clear about the fee payable by him. We avoids any hidden or surprise charges. Our tourist taxi service from Indore to Maheshwar is absolutely safe and can be undertaken at any time in all the seasons. We maintain fleet of cabs in ready to use condition. Drivers are considered as soul of a cab as they generates travel experience for guest. All of our drivers are having more than 10 years of driving experience in tourist taxi vehicles with complete knowledge of popular routes, alternate routes, hotel locations. It is our preference to use local drivers as local person is best awared of his area. They are equipped with mobile phones, soft spoken and courteous to every customer. Cabs are GPRS fitted and movements are checked by support team. During tour, guest can talk to our team, at any time. At the end of the tour, written feedback report is taken from guest so that they can share their travel experience, suggestions, complaints etc.

Taxi Booking
Taxi booking with us is easy and convenient. We are offering online cab booking service in which customer have the choice to book his/her cab from his own location at any time of the day. We have provided booking form on every page of website by which guest can send their queries. Our expert team will examine the query and accordingly reply. In such reply, we will find the quotation details with terms & conditions. By making advance payment, booking can be confirmed. Driver & vehicle details are provided through SMS or email, as requested. Our team remain available for customer support. We request all our customers to take quotation through email only (avoid telephonic quotation), to avoid any confusion and mis-understanding.

Booking Request Form
MESSAGE: like tour details, preferred vehicle model, Photo-ID details(Driving License, Passport, PAN Card, Voter-ID, UID) etc.
Enter same code *   Note: Valid ID submission of actual visitor is must for confirmation. You can send readable scan-copy or photo-copy for booking. Carry same ID in original.

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