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Chennai Taxi Service

Location District: Chennai, State: Tamil Nadu, Region: South India
Nearby Airports Chennai Airport (35kms)
Nearby Railway Stations Chennai Central and Chenna Egmore station
STD Code 044
Destination Type Commercial beach city with many tourist destinations
Attractions Museums, Temples, Beaches.


Here we have discussed about our Chennai taxi services. We are operating regular tourist taxi service from Chennai to other popular tourist destinations, cities and small towns. As we know that Chennai is the capital city of Tamil Nadu state thus it is obvious that for visiting Tamil Nadu tourist attractions and other nearby attractions, Chennai is the best place to reach first and then proceed as per tour plan. Chennai has large and very well connected International Airport which ensures easy connectivity to this city. It is historic city. Stone age implements have been found near Pallavaram in Chennai which proves communities settlement in this area. It was under rule of Cholas, from 1st to 12th century. UNESCO World Heritage Site Mahabalipuram was built during rule of Pallava dynasty in Kanchipuram which is just 90kms from Chennai. This region was part of Vijaynagara empite in medieval period. Portuguese arrived here in year 1522 and ruled over this region as it was an important port and falls in sea trade route which connects South Asian countries to Western countries. In year 1612, Dutch forces established themselves in Pulicat which is just 55kms north of Chennai city. During those days, Chennai was no more than a collection of villages whose main occupation is fishing. But western countries foresaw the importance of place and thus East India approached Vijanagara Emperor to obtain grant for small piece of land to establish their factory and warehouse. With the passage of time, this region became highlighted and thus resulted into struggle for control over this region. French forces took over control in 1746 but regained by British forces in year 1749. Sultan of Mysore also extended their control over this region but British forces took it back and maintain their control in 18th & 19th century. Britishers established Madras Presidency thus for a long time Chennai was known by the name of Madras. In year 1996, Madras was officially renamed as "Chennai". It is one of the large metropolitan city of South India. It is known for broad industrial base in information technology, automobile industry, healthcare technology, hospitality industry. Presence of temples, surrounding tourist attractions, quality hotels, shopping malls, beaches has made this city favorite for tourism activity. After Delhi & Mumbai, large number of tourists are arriving at Chennai to resume their South India tours. Here we have shared about our tourist taxi service, available from Chennai to its surrounding tourist destinations which includes Tamil Nadu tourist attractions, Karnataka tourist attractions and Andhra Pradesh tourist attractions. According to feasible travel distance, we have selected tourist places. Apart form these listed places, our service may be used for other destinations also.

Taxi Service

We are operating tourist taxi service from Chennai to all its surrounding tourist destinations which includes destinations of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala etc. Chennai is located in North-East of Tamil Nadu state and all popular Tamil Nadu tourist attractions fall in its South or South-West which includes Kanchipuram, Thanjavur, Pondicherry, Mahabalipuram, Rameshwaram, Chettinad Mansion, Trichy, Madurai, Vellore, Ooty etc. Similarly their are many tourist attraction in adjoining states like Tirupati, Hosur, Bengaluru, Belum caves, Hampi, Puttaparthi etc. We are operating direct tourist taxi hire service for all these tourist destinations. Our services are mainly used for those tourists who are either arriving to Chennai, from other places or local citizens of Chennai city who are looking for weekend getaway tours. Chennai itself is a large city with large number of tourist attractions which can be visited during Chennai sightseeing. During weekends, large number of local people undertakes getway tours or excursion tours as it is surrounded by many popular tourist attractions like Gingee fort, Kanchipuram, Mahabalipuram, Kalpakkam, Kovalam, Nellore, Chittor, Tirupati, Srikalahasti etc. Our taxi vehicles are regularly booked for Chennai getaway tours. We are catering tourists whether they are independent traveller, foreigner tourists or through any travel company. We are offering different range of tourist cabs which includes small air-condition cabs, medium AC cabs to large luxury taxi cars. These category of cabs are used by individual traveller, families, friends. If number of visitors are more than we have option for mini-bus and large tourist coaches. These tourist vehicles can be booked as per requirement basis like on drop-only basis or for complete tour package basis in which guest will be able to use it on regular basis, throughout the tour.

Chennai to Bengaluru Chennai to Bellikkal Chennai to Belum Caves
Chennai to Chidambaram Chennai to Chettinad Pallayoor Chennai to Chittoor
Chennai to Coimbatore Chennai to Dindigul Chennai to Erode
Chennai to Gingee Chennai to Hampi Chennai to Hogenakkal
Chennai to Horsley Hills Chennai to Hosur Chennai to Hyderabad
Chennai to Kalpakkam Chennai to Kanchipuram Chennai to Kolar
Chennai to Koudinya Wildlife Sanctuary Chennai to Kovalam Chennai to Kumbakonam
Chennai to Madurai Chennai to Mahabalipuram Chennai to Mylapore
Chennai to Mysore Chennai to Nagapattinam Chennai to Nellore
Chennai to Ooty Chennai to Point Calimere Sanctuary Chennai to Puducherry
Chennai to Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary Chennai to Puttaparthi Chennai to Rameshwaram
Chennai to Salem Chennai to Srikalahasti Chennai to Srirangam
Chennai to Talakona Waterfall Chennai to Thanjavur Chennai to Thiruthani
Chennai to Tiruvannamalai Chennai to Tirupati Chennai to Trichy
Chennai to Udanvalli Caves Chennai to Vedanthangal Chennai to Vellore
Chennai to Vijayawada Chennai to Yelagiri Chennai to Yercaud


Chennai is considered as the third largest city of India. It is a capital city of Tamil Nadu state which is known for Temples tourism. Large number of tourists and devotees visit Tamil Nadu for temples tourism. Among those tourists many are from India and other countries like Sri Lanka, Britain, France, Malaysia, Singapore, United States etc. Similarly large number of visitors are from India, especially from North India as we all are very much fascinated with great temples of Tamil Nadu. For traveling Tamil Nadu, Chennai is considered as the best place to reach as it is very well connected by all means of transport. After reaching Chennai, visitors do Chennai city tour in which they have options to visit famous Kapaleeshwarar temple, Parthasarathy Temple, Marina Beach, Golden Beach, Arignar Anna Zoological Park, Fort St. George, St. Thomas Cathedral Basilica, Government Museum, Shopping complex, Queens Land park etc. These tourist places can be visited in Chennai city tour. After this, we have option to visit nearby tourist destinations which can be visited as excursion tour like famoun Tirupati temple complex, Kanchipuram, Mahabalipuram, Mylapore, Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary, Srikalahasti, Thiruthani, kalpakkam etc. Our tourist taxi service is available for all these destinations. Chennai is also good for Tamil Nadu tours in which tourists cover many popular Tamil Nadu tourist attractions like Chettinad, Thanjavur, Trichy, Maduari, Rameshwaram, Chidambaram, Chittor, Ooty, Gingee, Horsley Hills etc. These places are often visited in a tour package for multiple days in which tourists begin their tour from Chennai and covers multiples destinations and may take departure from other destination. Their are many popular tour itineraries connecting Tamil Nadu tourist destinations and Kerala tourist destinations as both the states are adjoining to each other. We are providing tourist cabs for all such tour itineraries. Chennai taxi service is important part of Tamil Nadu taxi service. Similarly we maintain taxi hire service for other adjoining states like Kerala taxi service, Karnataka taxi service etc. They all are part of South India taxi service thus our cabs can be hired for inter-state tours.

Marina Beach Golden Beach Kapaleeshwarar Temple Parthasarathy Temple
Rail Museum Cholamandal Artist Gallery National Art Gallery Government Museum
Valluvar Kottam Queens Land Park Zoological Park Guindy National Park
Mahabalipuram Kanchipuram Chittoor Gingee
Kalpakkam Kovalam Mylapore Thiruthank
Srikalahasti Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary Vedanthangal Vellore
Below we have listed some of the popular South India tourist attractions which can be visited from Chennai. These destinations are mainly in Tamil Nadu state and some are from Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh states. It can also be studied as Chennai Distance Chart as it shows one-way travel distance by using popular travel route. List of tourist destinations with distance information will be very helpful in drawing a suitable tour plan. Our tourist cabs are running on all these travel routes and can be booked by readers.
Route Distance (Kms) Route Distance (Kms)
Chennai to Bengaluru 350 Chennai to Bellikkal 600
Chennai to Belum Caves 400 Chennai to Chidambaram 250
Chennai to Chettinad Pallayoor 420 Chennai to Chittoor 170
Chennai to Coimbatore 550 Chennai to Dindigul 430
Chennai to Erode 430 Chennai to Gingee 160
Chennai to Goa 950 Chennai to Hampi 590
Chennai to Hogenakkal 360 Chennai to Horsley Hills 270
Chennai to Hosur 330 Chennai to Hyderabad 640
Chennai to Kalpakkam 80 Chennai to Kanchipuram 90
Chennai to Kolar 270 Chennai to Koundinya Wildlife Sanctuary 210
Chennai to Kovalam 40 Chennai to Kumbakonam 300
Chennai to Kutrallam 650 Chennai to Madurai 500
Chennai to Mahabalipuram 70 Chennai to Mysuru 500
Chennai to Nagapattinam 320 Chennai to Nellora 190
Chennai to Ooty 550 Chennai to Puducherry 160
Chennai to Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary 100 Chennai to Puttaparthi 370
Chennai to Rameshwaram 600 Chennai to Salem 360
Chennai to Thanjavur 360 Chennai to Thiruvannamalai 210
Chennai to Tirupati 150 Chennai to Trichy 350
Chennai to Vedanthangal 100 Chennai to Vellore 150
Chennai to Vijaywada 470 Chennai to Yercaud 370

Taxi Booking

We are operating tourist taxi service for all India tourist destinations. Here we have discussed about our tourist taxi service from Chennai to various other tourist places and cities. In order to do taxi booking, we are offering online taxi booking option in which you just need to fill-up below given query form and submit to us. We will go through your tour plan and offer you best quotation. By making advance payment, booking can be confirmed. We also accept payment through cards. Cab and driver details will be shared 24hrs before arrival. For customer support, we have our back office team to resolve all their queries and monitors service development. For any quotation, please write to us as we do not share quotation on phones so as to explain every thing in written line inclusions, exclusions, notes etc. Our cab booking service is available round the clock. We recommend advance cab booking to proceed as per confirm service plan.

Booking Request Form
MESSAGE: like tour details, preferred vehicle model, Photo-ID details(Driving License, Passport, PAN Card, Voter-ID, UID) etc.
Enter same code *   Note: It is a tourist taxi service for tours. Advance booking is highly recommended. We don't do last 24hrs booking. All the bookings will be passed after 100% advance payment.

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